It’s time: 2020 is here, and on March 2, Georgians will start to cast their ballots for the March 24 Presidential Preference Primary—and we need your help! Sign up today to help Fair Fight and Georgia Democrats protect the vote across the state by serving as a:

1) Poll watcher
2) Hotline volunteer
3) Poll worker

With your help, we can work to ensure that all eligible voters can make their voices heard, as well as learn how the election is being administered. These early learnings will be critical to ensuring that we can take back the House, win our Senate races, and send a Democrat to the White House in November.

Poll watchers and hotline volunteers are critical to protecting the right to vote during early voting and on Election Day. Poll watchers observe the process to make sure that voters can exercise their rights and document and elevate problems so that they can be fixed. Hotline volunteers are there to answer voters’ questions before, during, and after election day. Poll watchers and hotline volunteers will receive training through the Democratic Party of Georgia on how to fulfill their responsibilities and protect the vote.

In order to prepare for November, we need to go big now. We will have poll watchers across the state. Hotline workers will be based in Atlanta.

Poll workers will staff polling places across the state, working for each county to set up and open the precincts, check voters in, and submit each precinct’s results to the county’s Elections office. These positions are paid, hired through each county, and trained through the county’s elections infrastructure.

Early vote starts on March 2nd! We especially need volunteers on March 2, March 14, March 20, and March 24. Sign up now and thank you for helping to protect voting rights in Georgia!

Thank you for your commitment to voting rights across Georgia.



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