If the November 3 election were held today, Republicans would have more than 138 volunteer poll watchers (and plan to have two per poll) at Chatham County’s 92 polling locations.

But according to the Chatham County Democratic Committee (CCDC), just 12 Democrats have volunteered to be poll watchers.

138 to 12 are not good odds.

Now, before we go on, please watch the video Spotting The Difference Between Poll Watching And Potential Voter Intimidation | NBC News NOW to understand  why this is so important, especially with Georgia’s long, ugly history of voter suppression and intimidation.

Are you worried yet? If so, please consider volunteering to be a poll watcher and asking your friends to do so as well.

As an officially-credentialed poll watcher, you’ll be the eyes and ears for the Democratic Party of Georgia’s (DPG) Voter Protection team inside or outside a priority polling location on November 3 and the first line of defense against Republicans’ concerted attempts to suppress the vote. You’ll observe the entire voting process, and report and track any issues at your polling location, while working with DPG volunteer attorneys to make sure every eligible voter can cast their ballot.

For all the details, please visit the DPG’s poll watcher web page, and volunteer to help assure a free and fair election for all Georgians.

Many thanks,

Skidaway Island Democrats Executive Committee 

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