Tue Nov 10, 8:23 a.m. — Unofficial results indicate a strong showing for Democrats in Chatham County.

Vice President Biden leads the county with 58.66% of the vote to Trump’s 39.89%.

Jon Ossoff is outscoring David Perdue in his US Senate race by 57.56% to 40.18% but trailing statewide by 47.95% to 49.73%, forcing a January runoff.

Raphael Warnock led Kelly Loeffler and Doug Collins in the US Senate special election by 41.58% versus 23.16% and 14.03%, respectively and will head to a runoff in January.

In the race for US House District 1, Joyce Marie Griggs was outpacing “Buddy” Carter by 56.44% to 43.56% among county voters but trailing 41.65% to 58.25% district-wide.

Marcus Thompson led Ron Stephens by 52.7% to 47.3% for the State House District 164 seat but trailing district-wide 47.51% to 52.49%.

Shalena Cook Jones was outscoring Meg Daly Heap by 52.86% against 47.14%.

Chester Ellis was ahead of Jason Buelterman by 52.47% against 47.53%

Aaron “Adot” Whitely was beating William Dyal in County Commission District 6 by 57.94% versus 42.06%.

Two proposed constitutional amendments and a statewide referendum ballot measures were passed by wide margins by Chatham County voters.

See full results here.

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