While four of our WINning women defeated their opponents to successfully FLIP seats, the job for Democrats is not yet complete! There are important runoff races on December 1 and January 5.

If you haven’t already, you can request an absentee ballot for both races now. Voters have until December 7 to register for the January 5 runoff! Registering additional Democrats could be the deciding factor to power Democratic victories for control of the United States Senate!

While the deadline to register for the December 1 runoff has already passed, we still need to encourage our friends and family to get out the vote! Races in play are for a few days remaining in the term of CD 5, WIN List endorsed Sonya Halpern for SD 39 and the Public Service Commission race featuring Democrat Daniel Blackmanwho hopes to unseat the 22-year Republican Incumbent, Lauren “Bubba” McDonald. The Public Service Commission seat is important, and it has a large impact on your power bills!

December 7th is the deadline to register to vote in the January 5th runoff!

Those who may want to update or change their voter registration include:

  • NEW Georgia residents or those who have moved within the state recently
  • Georgia college students who may want to vote early at home in this important race before returning to school in state or out of state
  • Students from out of state who attend a Georgia college who want to register to vote in Georgia
  • Young people who have recently turned 18

In Georgia, about 23,000 young people were not old enough to vote in the super close general election this year, but will be eligible to vote in the runoff election for U.S. Senate on January 5th. This number is greater than the margin of victory for President-Elect Joe Biden in Georgia. Newly registered 18-year-old voters could CONTROL the fate of the United States Senate if they register and vote!

P.S. – If you plan to vote by mail for the January 5th runoff, request your absentee ballot now!


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