Please note: the list of items below is not final and not exclusive. This document is meant to provide a detailed understanding to Senators of what the resolution is designed to fund and it may be modified over the course of the bill drafting process and scoring process.

On July 13th, 2021, the Senate Budget Committee, with the support of Leader Schumer and President Biden, announced a framework agreement of $3.5 trillion in FY2022 Budget Reconciliation instructions to enact the Build Back Better agenda. The agreement calls for the $3.5 trillion in long-term investments to be fully offset by a combination of new tax revenues, health care savings, and long-term economic growth. In addition, the agreement would prohibit new taxes on families making less than $400,000 per year, and on small businesses and family farms.

The Budget Committee’s objective was to provide instructions that allow every major program proposed by President Biden to receive robust funding. The recommendations below should allow the proper flexibility for the Committees to make policy decisions based on CBO and JCT scores and other inputs from Committee members.

The Budget Resolution will allow the Senate to make the most significant investment in tackling the climate crisis in US history, and put America on a path to meet President Biden’s climate change goals of 80% clean electricity and 50% economy-wide carbon emissions reductions by 2030. The Chairs of the Committees are actively working to develop the specific policy proposals that would be enacted in the Reconciliation bill.

What is currently included in the reconciliation bill?

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