Rosemary Mackey

I have read that President Trump does not read. I have no idea if that is correct, but I hoped our two current Senators showed more intelligence. I speak in regard to their advertising campaigns where they provide inaccurate information about their opponents’ published positions on healthcare reform.  

Raphael Warnock believes that every Georgian has a right to affordable healthcare. Nowhere does he mention “government-run healthcare.”  

John Ossoff is fighting for “great health care for every American with a strong public option and a strengthened Affordable Care Act.”  Nowhere does he mention taking away other insurance options.

So when we hear repeatedly “they” should “keep their hands of our healthcare,” who are they talking about?  

The thing I find most astonishing is the vehemence with which the role of government in healthcare is spoken in a pejorative manner. David Perdue is 71 years old, and I bet he loves his  government-run Medicare and his highly subsidized congressional supplemental coverage. It reminds me of that old English saying, “I’m all right, Jack; pull up the ladder,” by which people mean their own situation is good and they do not care about anyone else.  

What we should be questioning is why administrative costs account for 34.2% of all health care expenditures in the United States. Contributing to that are private insurers’ administrative overhead of 12-18%, while government-run Medicare is 2-6%.  Seems the government is more efficient! 


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