Reporting Recipe: How To Be A Redistricting Watchdog

Later this year, Georgia’s General Assembly will convene for a special session to redraw the boundaries of the state’s legislative and congressional districts based on data from the 2020 census.

Long-delayed GA Medicaid quality report released

Georgia’s new report on Medicaid quality, which came out more than a year late, says state officials will focus more on addressing health disparities in the public insurance program.

Statement from Fair Fight Action’s Founder Stacey Abrams

Statement from Fair Fight Action’s Founder Stacey Abrams: “Georgia Republicans’ shameful efforts to suppress the vote and seize electoral power through SB 202 demonstrate how critical the fight for voting rights remains. Every business, political, and civic leader...

Household Pulse Survey

Based on responses collected March 3 through March 15, the Household Pulse Survey estimates that: 19.2% of American adults expect someone in their household to experience a loss in employment income in the next 4 weeks 38.8% of adults live in households where at least...

Kemp Signs On to Voter Suppression

State Rep. Park Cannon, D-Atlanta, was arrested by state troopers after knocking on Kemp’s office door to try to witness the bill signing. The governor briefly interrupted his prepared remarks as Cannon was forcibly removed from the building by officers.